I initially wanted this blog to be a record of some of the amazing films I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing, and to share my experiences with others, through my reviews and gallery. But afterwards I thought, “Why let others have to go through the same time-consuming burden of having to search through the internet for these films, when I can simply add the same link I used to stream them”. So that’s what I’ve done… where possible. Some of these links may not work anymore by the time you get to them. For this I apologise, but such is the nature of free movie-streaming. I will also warn you that the free movie-hosts (apart from YouTube) have a lot of pop-ups. So beware not to click on anything by accident!

The genres covered here will be mainly German Expressionist cinema, Film noir (the more “edgy” ones), and Surrealist cinema (which can include French Impressionist cinema, Avant-garde cinema and Experimental cinema), Art-House Horror and Philosophical Science Fiction. As long as it was created with ‘art’ in mind, and it’s vintage, then it will feel at home on this site.

I hope to include works by following directors, and many more: GW Pabst, FW Murnau, Fritz, Lang, Hans Richter, Robert Wiene, Robert Florey, Luis Buñuel. Kenneth Anger.

The reviews will be short, concise and to the point. I’m not here to dazzle you with intellectual, theoretical, jargon-based nonsense. Just plain facts, the way I see it. Which, I hope, makes for a more enlightening and enjoyable read. I also welcome feedback. And if you’d like to chat about a particular film, then please drop me a line through the contact form

– DodgyRevolver.


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